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"Nitish Kumar Changes Colours and Talk as per his convenience.."
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"@Rama: You should note that those who issue threats can never kill.But they must be punished as Per Law..Why you bring Kannadiga, Gujarati,Rajastani in to Picture.Deepika Padkone should not have entered in to this controversy at all.After all she is only an Actor who played theRole of Padmini in the Film. for Money. She is not responsible for the Production ,Script or Direction of the Film"
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"To What aBad Situation Tamilnadu Politics Have Landed?"
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"I am not talking about Adithyanatah and KP Mourya . Practice of Sitting Loksabha Members coming a s CMs and Ministers to states when Power comes should be stopped at least by BJP.thos ewho want to become CMs or Ministers in states should be MLAs. Now Unnecessary By Elections are being Forced on People."
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"Narayan Rane need not Trouble much His Ex Comrades in Congress Rahul Rajiv, Manisanajara Aiyyar ,Digvijay singh,Sanjay Jha and the Likes have taken the Business of finishing the congress."
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