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"EVM from another area where some particular booths turnout is assured, may be replaced with, without affecting security, video cameras, etc. because, on movement and transportation of official documented machines will pass any system."
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"It means there is no quality assurance system in the process, that could have ensured no "suspicians"."
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"WE really need a new system, how much is any paper degree or certificate is important? in the present age of 3D printing. So, wiping out all such paper and imaginary deg & certs, there must be a test, that the candidate be required to appear. Someone who did not get opportunity to study formally can also think of becoming MP and MLA, and , also, there will be a minimum 'level' ensured and assured."
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"If people fall in love in immature state, they become blind, but the same love between matured and educated enlighten their path ahead."
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"I guess this game first make the victim feel good from small pains, under pretex of testing ones own will power, then a modus operandi similar to the case that was telecasted by a very popular entertainment channel, name of the sensational case is " Mayajaal" in which police inspects three times and confirms that the death was a suicide, but finally it was revealed that that was a very meticulously planned murder. The victim made to believe that by hanging herself for a short t..."
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