abdul sami Abdullatif

Commented 2 years ago
"I guess this game first make the victim feel good from small pains, under pretex of testing ones own will power, then a modus operandi similar to the case that was telecasted by a very popular entertainment channel, name of the sensational case is " Mayajaal" in which police inspects three times and confirms that the death was a suicide, but finally it was revealed that that was a very meticulously planned murder. The victim made to believe that by hanging herself for a short time and resisting that pain greater pain is caused to the enemy, the more time in minututes multiplied pain to enemy, and finally one day they dont stop after minutes hanging they let the women die. It appears the boy is made to believe that by putting himself in a situation near death and then coming back on some kind of a timer or a tick tick or a signal in the mobile program."

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