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"Ravish ji yeh system manufacture he law torhne walo ke ye bana hua hai.1947 se he manmani ho rahi hai.VIPs ko he adhikar hain.Baki junta to kisi geenti me nahi aati.Mughlashahi tanter."
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"Kejriwal is making fool of Delhi workers.All the labour laws in India are rampantly violated. Rs. 6000 is the standard wage in all over India. This wage is very meagre as for as prices in India are concerned.Govt. machinery is conspiring with the workers all over India."
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"What kind of legal juriprudence it is? Sedition law can not be applied in this case. Neo colonial supression must go. He is fighting against the mandal commission. Mandal commission is unconstitutional. Basically constitution only guarantees reservations for sts and scs. This is subvertion of Indian constitution and VP SINGH was the king pin in this matter."
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"The most surprising thing in Indian politics is to make ministers who are not qualified for the job. But in ordinary Indian life there is too hard competition. Even in British parliament ministers are appointed as per their competence. Even shadow cabinet has also ministers with great competance. India has borrwoed British Parliamentry system half heartedly. Even Nehru was not a competant foreign minister being a prime minister. Thats why we have Kashmir and China problem.Indian democracy is a s..."
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"Indian soceity was a Indus valley civilisation and we know nothing about it. Then came the Aryan invaders with their white CHAMREE in a dark skinned land.So Indo european language was imposed on Indians whereas dark skinned Indians were not allowed to get education. Then came cast system with the grace of Aryans. Menial jobs were given to the dark skin. Then came the muslims along with their language Arabic and Persian and almost for 1000years we adopted this language. Well again came the WHITE ..."
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