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"Nice article Professor, expecting more such articles in future."
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"Let's give a 5 year chance to kejriwal, there is enough of BJP to prove itself in other part of India"
 4 years ago | Permalink
"websites of many govt organisations are way below standard, be it indane be it election commission. I could not do a voter registration despite giving all documents and waiting for 60 days then I went and did it in their office filling the form again, I can not change my indane website password. There are so many small (but very useful for common public) website issues but they are not rectified."
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"@Ramaswamy Ps: Almost all political parties are congressied, BJP is the most. So almost all political parties are curse to the country."
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"Annaji failing time again, it proves how important is Mr Kejriwal for him. In the same thought I would say Modiji will require Mr Kejriwal in better running of the future parliament. Good number of AAP candidates should be elected to parliament for better running of future BJP govt."
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