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"Dear Mr. Jaitely,

But why should not they. If BJP could take the acquittal of Mr.Modi before he was the PM in Gujarat riot case as badge of Honour why should not they ? The claim of corruption is not proved neither the evidence of motive could be established. The the then Government had moped up more money for the exchecher as forward payment in 2G compared to this Government in 3G or 4G.

Or is it agin a question of vale judgement as in case of Boffers , which had been latter described as go..."
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"I hope everybody understands that , mocking with and about origin is in bad taste , whather it is about rich origin or poor origin. When one mocks another with their origin & the other reflects that , it would be reflected on the origin the person belongs , rich or poor. It is same in Law & poor should not get a milage emotionally or rich should not take it lying down.

It's time both class oppression of rich on poor & emotional blackmailing of poor over rich ends in a ..."
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"AS a Indian we all should like to see this person thratening in such vigor in National Media . He forgets that we as Indian tax payers pay for his salary & so the salaries and parks for any other MP , MLA or Ministers , It is we who should put these guys in their right place, since we vote them and we fund them. It is not the other way around. He has no rights either moral or social to tharte us , but we Indian have so."
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"Dear Mr.CM,

Please note 'All system is secular ' , God who has created both the prides & predtros has the same standard for both of them . It is only the opportunists who use the Relegion , Cast , Creed , Colours , Geography & culture to divide & rule. The problem is in a systems which lacks education ( and not a structured lesson ) & have not learned to analyse the 'Truth' from the 'Lie'.

This is also taught in Gita & Veda but it has to be professed by ..."
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"But Mr.Sehwag it is quite natural that expected of a national captain to make sacrifice for developing a potential player and a potential captain , what is so great about it ? A captain is chosen as a captain because he has some of this quality.

But , Dhoni proved that in his years of captaincy that he is worth of it.

Somehow the current comments from you both about Kholi & Dhoni , certainly gives away the smokes much of it may be coming from a heart burn due to Shrastri & Kh..."
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