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"Some PR team is fooling around with India's 'beloved PM'. They are taking him for a royal ride. The entire conception reeks of vendetta of some sort. He has to wake up!"
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"@: Her brother is responsible for cancellation of Vellore. He wants to ensure the Vellore candidate loses. He deliberately passed on wrong information so that his sister could get sympathy votes!"
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"BJP is not wrong when they call him pappu. He is extremely immature and is driven by their frivolous advice of his party men. Those partymen are the ones who need EVM's to win. These appear to be the EVM tenure deal makers and need EVM's to win."
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"What s the point is discrediting our own nation? This debate is completely unnecessary. The best part is India has bombed openly and not hidden it. This is a paradigm shift which is good enough for the nation. This has highlighted Pak's support for terrorists. Let us, as a nation, leave it that. This can be the starting point for the next level of events."
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"Let us report very clearly and not absolve entire Pak Army,.. he was rescued by a Captain who is an officer in the Pak Army from the Jawans of the Pak Army, he says very clearly..."
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