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"@Nitin V: you all r corrct. Government shold spend our hard earn money for slum development and garib development let we tax paying people die with loans but help poor only. We all pay Tax on everything but no mercy for middle class people."
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"@BoooHssisHiss: kejri went to rome for fun or getting funds from christian missionaries, NDTV promoting aap for for the same reason. facts are not good but they are facts.

Why kejri always against any national issue.

Reading is more important my friend. in national election APP fielded 402 candidate in LS lost all seats. how much money need for LS election. normal 20 lakhs x 400 candidate image from where money have come from."
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"Is my profile is been locked by NDTV i can't reply to anyone as it shows permalink all the time.

Seems some anti national sorry AAPTAD is working there."
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"no one talk about 1984 Sikh riots why??? just because it was done by Congress leaders.

Atleast Modi is giving Good Image to Hindustan (India). But for that you need positive mind.

Muslims leave aside 2002 but this so called secular hindus (Christian) not allowing it to leave people mind."
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"Traffic police will not stop any tourist bus or Rickshaw drivers. they can show there arms to all two wheelers and private cares specially medium class people.

Even you can see towing cars will be medium class you will not see any merc or audi or renault tow away by them. People who will not do any zigzig and has not time that is there target.

It's not about law and order, it about completion the target."
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