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"This is a Chinese phone. Please do not buy. It should not even be promoted"
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"This man is senile but he knows how to make statements for his own selfish political gains. His views are irrelevant in today's world and should be ignored."
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"Manmohan siingh is a 'learned man' as is claimed by one reader, he should backup his criticism with justification . Does he have even one suggestion about how things could have been better done? On job creation for example? Being a 'learned man' he should know that job creation is not easy in the face of rapid and disrupting technology advances and adverse macro factors. IT companies no longer recruit in the thousands as they used to do just 3 or 4 years ago. There is an over-supply of engineer..."
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"RSS is confusing the terms here. While all forms are natural, one is more predominant than others."
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"Rahul lied because he had nowhere to hide. The question that was hurled at him, hit him square between his eyes. Only other option he had was to admit Congress party's complicity in the genocide. This, the Congress party - esp the Nehru-Gandhi family - never does, has never done. So, he took the easy escape route - tell an outright lie, disown the responsibility completely."
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