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"It is sad to see loss of life and property in this nature's foray. At this stage they must be given all help and assistance. But there must be introspect to find; why no development or growth seen in that region, even after millions are pumped in the state?"
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"It is most astonishing that, Mani Shankar Aiyer with noble linage, best education from Welham Schools, Doon School, St. Stephen College and Trinity Hall Cambridge, illustrious carrier in Indian Foreign Service and a Member of Parliament, should be so frustrated person. Is it that, with top rated sycophancy, he has failed to get respect and senior most position in congress and cabinet? Or, maybe it is just the age."
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"Omar Abdullah forgets that Jammu & Kashmir is part of Indian Union and not his inherited property which he can gift to Pakistan, if any decision is taken against his wishes. Modi must take exception to such blackmailing tone and put him in his right place. Kashmiri Pundits must be rehabilitated in Kashmir with dignity and honor."
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"Minister should be socially educated that one acquire by interacting with masses. What education qualification has to do with this? If Phd is required for HRD, surely pilot should be a Civil Aviation Minister and a General / Field - Marshal as Defense Minister. What rubbish. No wonder Congress has failed."
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"Modiji must weed out all those who do not wish to tow his line of action. He must streamline his team and reduce the drag so that his promised dynamics of growth does not suffer. Modiji, your failure will be disastrous for, not only for the party but also for the Nation. Wish you all the best."
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