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 5 months ago | Permalink
"We'll believe either or even both of them, but not a crook like you for sure.... Even if the money is recovered, you're still guilty of fraud, money laundering etc.. We're eagerly waiting for you to extend our Indian Hospitality.."
 3 years ago | Permalink
"It's not called Women's empowerment..It is called 'Showing-Off'. She only shifted from Swanky SUV to a high end Harley. Parliament isn't the right place to show-off..esp when you represent one of the poorest regions of the country.."
 3 years ago | Permalink
"Please don't Fume so much Mr. CM..!! Your fumes are responsible for half the pollution in Delhi. What's worse, there is no odd-even formula applicable on your fuming..It's enough."
 3 years ago | Permalink
"Don't fume so much Mr. CM.!! These fumes cause a lot more pollution than the vehicles on Delhi roads. What's worse: You can't enforce the odd-even formula on these kind of pollutants."
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