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"You can shift to Post Office savings account. For a account with cheque book you have to maintain Rs 500/ only"
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"Why she had to misrepresent the martyrdom of her father. Martyrdom to preserve the sovereignty of the nation doesn't require to be classified as Kargil. That she chose to do so only indicates she was manipulated by vested interests. Does NDTV wants us to believe that she wasn't aware where her late father laid down his life. The officer was awarded Kirti Chakra which is a gallantry award equivalent to PVC/MVC."
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"Only question I have is why she misrepresented the fact about martyrdom of her father. Nation is equally indebted to martyrs of Kupwara as they are to martyrs of Kargil.The gallant soldier was awarded Kirti Chakra a gallantry medal equivalent to PVC/MVC awarded during wartime. The substitution of Kargil for Kupwara I am sure was not her idea but by the person/ group influencing her."
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"no mention of differently able / divyang being exempt."
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"Sajjan Jindal brother of Naveen Jindal. Have Jindals switched sides and joined BJP"
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