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"given 10 lakh rupees and 660 gm of gold which itself another what 5 to 6 lacs so thats 16 lacs dowry ? why ? if the gal is educated then why not let her do job n find her own husband who doesnt ask for dowry..anyway such s shameless husband. it must ve been his business to be honest. getting married and get massive money in dowry and then divorce after 10 days .. she should be punished and put behind bars for 60 yrs minimum .."
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"dont ever fly with airindia. it s shameless and irresponsible airline"
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"This Lady is a Professor at IIT Delhi? no wonder our universities dont do anything good at top ones in the world. she calles PM as fekhu and another top leader of congress as pappu.. why not she stands in the election and Show us how to run the government rather that writing this rubbish coloum. who gave her Job in iit Delhi. such a terrible Person with a terrible writing"
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"Dont have Food to eat , dont have Money to do anything .. but still can make 8 Boys n 1 Girl , so only 9 Kids ? wow n still crying that we are poor ? what Kind of mentality is this? didnot you think before making 9 Kids that how to feed them ? i feel sorry for only Kids, they dont have any faults of their at all.. it is all their parents fault. who cant feed themselves but brought 9 Kids to this earth to suffer and be enslaved by others for some Food .."
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