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"There is nothing wrong in lobbying / Any businessman will lobby with politicians and government bureaucrats who matter for a policy to favor them . The problem is if government servants bend rules to to favor individuals. If that is the case it is the government servant who must be first enquired into,"
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"For BJP and Mr Modi Gujarat elections have become a prestige issue. It seems Modi does not trust local BJP leadership and has pumped in his ministers and leaders from outside state. It is a overkill. Even if BJP gets majority with reduced seats it will be seen as set back for Modi"
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"Modi is Prime Minister. Canvassing for BJP candidates is fine . but he should show some grace while speaking at least about past congress leaders who are dead . What is so great if Indira Gandhi or Modi covers the nose due to foul smell. Late Indira cannot refute Modi. Is this way you canvass against your opposition that too by one who is PM . We have reached a new low in political canvassing."
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"it is good to see AAP win. In fact AAP should now operate smoothly without abusing Modi but expose BJP weakness , blunders. and lies in factual manner at all media platforms. Large section of people who were impressed with AAP had moved to BJP due to AAP infighting and aggressive anti Modi stand. Today most of them are frustrated with BJP , particularly young and Sr citizens, There is no opposition to BJP AAP can fill that vacuum if managed properly."
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"Mahua Moitra is absolutely correct. BJP,s well managed propaganda machine is full time busy in creating an image as if all others are appeasing minorities at the cost of majority. This is not true.They are creating a big divide which may be dangerous for the nation in future."
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