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"Beta, itni Bari baatein nahin karte. Pehle yeh batao ki diaper pehenna bandh kiya ke nahi. Aur yeh batao ki aakhree baar doctor ke pass kab Gaye the."
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"What was he doing when this was being played out. Silent like a lame duck. His motives and timing are Questionable. Clearly a Bjp mole playing to the gallery. There is a concerted effort to defame and anybody who doesn't oblige will have to face the wrath of Bjp and company."
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"Big Shame. Heartbreaking for millions of Brazil fans with a Such pathetic display."
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"Simply Amazing and very relaxing. Just Love it."
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"Dear Mr Jha, I think this is a great note. It's important to continue to highlight the fallacies of fascist n deeply communal Modi & Co propaganda as they are hiding behind the mascot of development n growth of Gujarat which really is a big FAT blatant LIE. Cheap comments by so called great visionary just exposes his shallow character."
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