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"Kejariwal must reply and can not runaway instead answer to being Pakistani agent. The Kejariwal's Refferandums are real time threat to the integrity of India and have hidden and ultimate agenda of dividing India in to thousands of tiny countries by conducting so called Refferandums to realise very long term dreams of China and Pakistan which they could not do through various sponsored Communist Parties in India."
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"Knowing after next lost elections the ghosts of record breaking corruption will follow the Congress especially Gandhis, the pre-planned arrangement to protect and absolve Congress of all corruption charges like JPC on 2G the Congress loyalist P. P. Rao who defended Congress leaders in corruption cases is being appointed"
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"Knowing after elections the ghosts of UPA's corruption will come hounding Congress leaders especially Sonia Gandhi, this is pre- arrangement to install their own loyalist to protect and absolve Congress as was done in JPC on 2G scam."
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