Commented 5 years ago
"BJP and Congress dug their own graves inside parliament by passing T-bill in the last session of this Loksabha before elections. Congress cannot form government even with the support of 17 Telangana MPs because there is deep antiestablishment sentiment all over because of inflation and corruption. BJP would have benefitted by allying with TDP but now if TDP allies with BJP it will handover all 25 seats of seemandhra on platter to Jagan Mohan Reddy's YCP. And Jagan will never ally with BJP, for that matter Seemandhra people will not forgive anyone who would ally with BJP or Congress either before elections or after elections. What all this means is the tally of Congress will increase by 15+ and tally of BJP will reduce by 25. That means again NDA has to satisfy with 150 to 170 seats (AAP's hawa is also factored in). Most probably Andhra Pradesh and its division will be crucial factor for coming L.S. Polls."

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