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"Not only this, there should not be a single terrorist-Pakistani terrorist on Indian soil. Our |Jawans and civilians have paid with their own lives."
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"Indians should not forget that it is Hindus who are keeping the non-vedic faiths alive in India. Be out of forceful conversions, or bribing one to change one's faith, it is the vedic - the sea of knowledge and wisdom which is the life-breadth of India which keeps India going. Vedic is a complete science."
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"What nonsense is Mr. Joshi talking about. In a rape an innocent life is destroyed - it is like killing someone - many young girls have been raped and killed - men have lured them away from public sight and destroyed their innocence. A death penalty to the rapist is the only answer."
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"Sir, all Indians have to be Indian first. So many devastating terrorist attacks which have killed innocent people. These terrorists were Indians.

These were treasonable acts. Patriotism and Godly love for the Nation are the characteristics of a good citizen."
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