Commented 5 years ago
"There is no doubt that Kijriwal will finally become the CM again. The only difference will be that they will come up with full majority. Kiran Bedi may work as an MLA and give AAP good suggestions in Policing. This will be a good combination. We will then be able to see how good she is in understanding of ELECTRICITY, WATER and 100s of different issues. She is absolutely wrong to say that one can have the best governance only when CENTER AND STATE both have the same party in governance. That means MODI will not help Delhi to get better if AAP will come into majority in Delhi. That's NEGATIVE politics. We all know that AAP has the right attitude to govern and they are quick in performing themselves as well. Then why will MODI pull his hands off supporting a righteous cause in Delhi. Delhi can be a PROFIT center instead of a COST CENTER, provided you try to me it a Profit center."

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