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"What else next ajmal kasab,hafiz saeed,adolf hitler ,Osama bin laden.??think they should go back to the respective time and history...Rishi kapoor just not convincing this time..."
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"Money,Money,Money...just how theatre owners distributors change the desicions of the govt is the common people who suffer the most...we don't get acesss of trade land route to Afghanistan through Pakistan ...why Indian producer and actors need to showcase and make money fool people in the name of patriotism....Common people wake up....Suspended temporarily ??? no big money earning movies now Dangal all set to release collections...Come on stop this theories...."
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"then they play 4 free...all money they would give 2 charity...they play 4 harmony and peace..."
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"So what should be the reaction of The cowardly terror activities in Bangladesh,Afghanistan and India,Iran...guess what Sharif it is coming.we will pay in full ..."
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"They should also Punish the People who are responsible for this.Professional Punishment for ruining the live of a Person."
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