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 10 months ago | Permalink
"UN should take suitable action. All nations should discontinue the diplomatic ties."
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"Netaji is placed above all your so-called national leaders. His sacrifice for the freedom can not be compared with these so-called leaders. He is in our hearts. His name should be uttered only by his devotees not a man of lagvelki politics."
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"Menstruation is a gift of nature. How our religious pandits avoid it. He also is the gift of the nature by taking this menstruation cycle. Salute the nature first. God is there, not in the old practices of priests."
 11 months ago | Permalink
"He is right, as Trump is treating the Indians staying in USA in the same way."
 11 months ago | Permalink
"Supreme court is independent. Executives should act within the limit set by the Constitution not beyond it."
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