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"What a 'brave' coward! Attacking a hapless woman in the Gym is the best you can do?! Disgusting behaviour resulting from an even more disgusting attitude!"
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"At least Bharathirajaa has the guts and the intelligence to say that. Don't you know that yourself Rajni?"
 3 years ago | Permalink
"I agree. Let us stay in our country and do good for our country. Just one small problem - what do we do with pests like cow vigilantes, Ravindra Gaikwads and Tarun Vijays?"
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"Good job you stay 'anonymous' buddy! Your thought process stinks. If everyone thinks like this, this mankind's days are over!"
 3 years ago | Permalink
"Fantastic retort! Why would you have anything against Ashwin? Oz deserved what they got - a series defeat and a backlash from Indians for unnecessary provocation. He pulled Brad's leg on a 'lighter nite'! 😊😊😊"
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