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"Two good for nothing fellows.. It's rightly said. When you got nothing good to say better keep shut. And for Lalu, you have ruined Bihar beyond repair..FYI, This is coming from a Bihari!"
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"Jayalalitha has been out on bail for 8 months now. Sanju Baba keeps making a visit to and from the jail to finish his movie assignments. Our bhai got a bail too by the prestigious High Court for the much-hyped hit and run case , which resulted in 1 death and other casualties.. By the way, I have always been a loyal Salman Khan fan but this time I am not happy!"
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"Beautifully written.. We understand your pain. We know that not every Muslim is at fault.. It is only the self proclaimed preachers of your religion , who are spreading the wrong message.. We are with you in the fight aagainst terrorism!"
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"People commenting here about "achhe din" seem to have forgotten about the so called good days of Congress's regime where the Indian Rupee saw its lowest ever rate against the world currencies.."
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"People will talk about her for sometime and forget.. It's always the more influential person who gets away with any heinous crime.. Let's wait to see what Shashi Tharoor has got to say in his next tweet!! RIP Sunanda Pushkar."
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