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"This is the finest article I have ever read that touches heart and makes it a fountain of admiration to the great soul I am sure this experience of brilliant Srijan Pal Singh transforms into a book and goes into the History of India to feel proud by next generation and to follow Kalam Sir as a role model My sincere thanks to Srijan Pal Singh..#RIP Kalam Sir"
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"Sir,It is you who showed what is economic growth and development means to the nation through the liberal economy,setting aside it's negative repercussions you pursued it and made it possible for Indians to see the changes.There are crores of people who have befitted from it and many more are going to benefit further but ungrateful people especially the young who always care about their pocket are chanting some brainwashed slogans for which they will repent in days to come and realize your contri..."
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"When a sitting mp Anantkumar has got no answers for himself to the basic queStion what is his contribution to the city of silycon for having electing for 5 times successively he tries to play kannada card and Modi card but citizens have made up their minds to show him the door out decisively."
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