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"My Dear people across the world:

Shocking News Up to Mr.Man Mohan singh ,Mr.Narendra Modi and Kejriwal ( Personalities occupied Presidential Office as President of India were also not shown any interest on this issue - respected as first visitor to Presidential office in India and paid -my view on this ,this also a cunning act of Politicians of India)the latest Politician's joined in Politics of India and Press and Media like you why Not showing any interest in bringing Mahatma Gandhi Blood relatives who live at South Africa.?

We Indians Did not sold India to Nehru Family? Mahatma Gandhi after Independence told the than congress party to be dismantled and new Congress party ha to be formed. But Mr.Nehru Objected. Nehru and Jinnah were in the greedy of Power. Both wanted to become Prime Minister. Mahatma Gandhi said Nehru to allow Jinnah to become Prime Minister but Nehru with secret arrangements with Lord Mountbatten /British Government and divided India. So that Pakistan emerged. Look at the cunning act of Jawaharlal Nehru ,

that is Freedom Delivered by British on Midnight of 15th August 1947 .immediately what must happen? Mahatma Gandhi must be asked to deliver that good news to People of India in that time. But after delivered the Independence News through Air that is All India Radio Nehru Rushes to Gandhi Residence. it is late Night so he waits for Gandhi, Why because on a question when Gandhiji wake up from sleep to Personal Assistant to Gandhiji .replied that Gandhiji will wake up by 2 A.M. on every night for toilet. Nehru say to Gandhi P.A. not to disturb Babuji. so he waits up to Gandhi wake up by 2 A.M. than Nehru informs the Independence accord issued by British.

Here we Indians must Note that till 14th August 1947 the land now known as Pakistan is also India. And British Government ruled India up to 14th August 1947. A Part of Land divided to satisfy Both Jinnah and Nehru from India by British and named as Pakistan got Delivered Independence by British 0n 14th August 1947 , that is a day earlier to the Independence of India. Here


British played a crucial role in dividing India has come to Light.


Nehru and Jinnah Planned corner Gandhiji with the help of British has come to light.


Since Independence delivered on 14th August 1947 to Pakistan Nehru Paved the way to British to exploit people of India.


Why British did not Honored India by Offering Independence earlier to Pakistan? why and what is the Interest to British Government to arrange to allow the Division of India or birth of Pakistan.


why Nehru who was interested to become First Prime Minister of India and wanted to Occupy the Chair of Highest Powers as per Indian Democracy not Objected the delay by a day or after the Independence of Pakistan to Independence to India? why Nehru did not objected Division of India?

all these went as per the cunning act of Nehru and Jinnah with British Government ideas.


Religions played a vital role in this issue of Independence. yes, Already Mogul /Islam raided and through their rulers ruled India for many years ,than British,French,Dutch were raided India and Ruled India and Looted the wealth of India to their countries.

So on demanding their religious Rights India must have been divided and their by birth of another /New Country for Islam in This Christianity would have made arrangements that in the Partitioned India!.

Christianity generated many schools and churches ,missionaries to promote the religion in the Land of India to Obtain India in to the account Christian countries. But what to do? Supreme Power did Not agreed on this that is God. so That Hinduism still survive with High Growth.

Here you can not object this view of mine. why because With the Initiation of Gandhiji Mr.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel also known as Iron Man of India made all efforts to join/unite India as a Union of India.

while Gandhiji and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and other Congress Man worked for union Of Indian states as India why Nehru allowed and accepted to Divide India ( he projected that he could draft panchseelam Policy in Governing countries to maintain Diplomatic relation between countries crates a strong Doubt on Nehru to me ) by British Government while it delivered the Independence.

In 1948 Constitution of India Framed by 13 eminent Scholars to value Democracy. in that Mr.Bhima Rao Ambedkar is also one among that 13 Personalities ( why no information's about others who involved in Drafting and Framed Constitution of India - since all are scholars) (In fact Nehru objected the presence of Mr.Bhima Rao Ambedkar to Mahatma Gandhiji in a discussion was recorded and in Published , But Mahatma Gandhiji said if their is no Place to Ambedkar than I want to Expel Myself from Congress was also available in records - so You get doubt on Nehru But I doubt Nehru - Politicians started playing cunning roles from the beginning is the data)) in the Parliament which is established in Constitution of India.

After this in 1948 Gandhi was shot dead.

in 1949 Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was dead. we do not know his death is Normal or arranged.


In between this Nehru arranged all means to focus His daughter Indira Priya Darshini to become 3rd Prime Minister of India. Lal Bhadur sashtri( killed by Food Poison at Tashkent) (But Russia - a good Friend to India and Nehru) was the 2nd Prime Minister but he ruled only for 2 plus years. In between Lal Bhadur sashtri and Nehru for election purpose Mr Gulzarilal Nanda was an acting Prime Minister.

In those days I used write to Media and Press on objecting on Indira Priyadarshini when referred as "Mrs.Gandhi". I quoted that Mohandas Karamchand Wife Kasthuri Bhai Gandhi only can be told as "Mrs. Gandhi" but Press and Media did not supported my View why because I am a poor Indian with out money and power and Indira Priya darshini was the Prime Minister and Powerful Lady of that Time was well supported by Press and media. Indira Priya Darshini Married Mr.Ferozkhan Gandi a Persian belongs to Original Islam of this world. Than it was told with the acceptance of Gandhiji Indira Priyadrashini was entitled as Indira Gandhi. In My View How Gandhiji could have accepted this Miss-Use of His Clan of Gujarat in India. No Chance ,all these could have been an arrangements by Nehru and Press and Media of that time.

why because press and media did not objected the Title Mrs.Gandhi. Nehru Family and Gandhi were different Families from India. Nehru Family People dis not show any interest to have sur name or title as Nehru instead of Gandhi . This may be to exploit the people across the world.


Please to Note as

per Religions children belongs to that religions is the agreed and accepted matter on Practice in our Earth. so as per that hereditary/Genealogy

Both Late Sanjay Gandhi and Late Rajiv Gandhi were sons of Islam /Ferozkhan Gandi.

their by Now Mr.Rahul Gandhi and Varun Gandhi were also Prestigious people born to Islam. In Ultimate indirectly Islam ruling India can be said. on the other Hand Mrs.Sonia From Italy which is very Near Vatican City - wife of Rajiv Gandhi being a catholic Christian and not participated any Christian events or functions till date why because she do not want to establish her motive/ideology to establish Christianity is also a view of mine.

( why rajiv Gandhi Brutally Killed ,may be because with an arrangements by Congress party people ,yes this is a doubt to me, No Congress party leaders or people died along with the late leader in that Brutal Killing, also Rajiv Gandhi was the First Chairman of Vaishnavism and its ideologies in Forum at Beharin - a Gulf Country. Rajiv Gandhi when established his interest and connections with Lord Maha Vishnu and his ideologies at Beharin it could have shocked Sonia from Christianity or People of Islam might also be a reason ,why I suspect like this because Late Palestine Leader Yasar Arafat cautioned and warned Rajiv Gandhi few days earlier to his death about Life Danger was published in press and Media of that time)

In we clearly understood one thing that is Miss-use of title Gandhi" by Nehru Family to Govern India ,so we must say now that we have not sold India to Nehru Family People.

Now You agree on my views.


In fact Mr.Kamarajar was a prominent Congress Leader was threatened by Mrs.Indira Gandhi for occupying Prime Minister Office was also a message. All India Congress Party President was Mr.Kamaraj. Mr.Sri D.DEVRAJ URS(20-03-1972 to 31-12-1977) was keen workings to see Mr.Kamaraj as Prime Minister of India. About all plans and proceedings Mr.Devraj Urs and Kamaraj were discussed in car while traveling,Mr.Jaffer Sherriff was driving that Car of that time. And Mr.Jaffer Sharrif who alarmed or informed or alerted Indira Gandhi with the Information's about Making Mr.Kamaraj as Prime Minister of India by Mr.Deva raj Urs . The processed message stopped/banned Mr.Kamaraj or a Tamil Person becoming Prime Minister of India is also True.Rest of My views in my Next Post.Thanks."

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