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"now that we all know very clearly why his name was not approved by congress high command for the post of PM of India.even asa citizen anda freedom fighters family member i madea tweet to him.but he is firm in attending this RSS meet.that shows his deep mind and deep anger...somewhere???"
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"Respected Mr P. Roy..
I am 73 and ama follower of NDTV sice its launch. your prediction in Bihar was completely false and i do not know how you have conducted this experiment and how did you manage your observations to get this inferece that BJP would win ? i am surprised to see all channels except yours and some one , were all forecasting BIhar will go Nitish way. as a free political thinker i forecast now BJP will have to be extra alert to complete the present term and BJP will never be back..."
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"i feel Mr Ray may be wrong."
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"I am so sorry. Mr PranRoy you will be wrong on 8th....if your forecast is ok i salute you."
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"The appeal of Karnatakas govt is purely on political vendetta. This will spoil the relationship. There are bigger scams by DMK but are not flashed like this. Finally in ther peoples court Dr Amma will win and we trust our supreme court."
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