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"Would like you to show which are the safest cars in their segments and that would help an average layman in deciding whats safe for them and their families. Although you demonstrated cars which sell like hot cakes in India but your next step should be in showing which is the safest and most solid of the lot. Please demonstrate FIAT PUNTO crash test with and without airbags."
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"Hi Siddharth, Its great to see you taking the lead in making the Indians aware of their and others safety on road. With the mandate coming in for safer cars which all essential safety kits and you paving the way by demonstrating how manufacturers in India have taken us Indians for a ride, and partly we too are to be blamed as all we are concerned about is 'Kitna deti Hai".
I congratulate you and at the same time would like you to cover an episode on which cars are the safest in their segme..."
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