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"This guy's terrorist org operative. Should have died long ago instead of wasting valuable resources... To be frank."
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"Why are the media giving so much of airtime to this 15 year old who's nothing exceptional in her views? She comes across as just about any other Modi-admirer. What makes her think she can 'debate' with kanhaiya kumar - does she expect to win it with trolls shouting out or beating the other parties whenever they try to make any logical point in that debate on her behalf? Because I don't see any other way she can possibly win!

Frankly, if this girl stands for a 'debate' with Kanhaiya Kumar, she w..."
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"@: Nidhi, there is nothing so demoralizing in the Indian startup space for women as the startup scene in India is itself in a quite nascent stage. I'm seeing your comments in a few places under this article and I can assure you that getting rejected 113 times is common if you can take rejections for 113 times. Many a lot just stop pitching and don't reach a 113th time. It's good that the said lady did follow through and eventually got funded. I'm also sure that out of those 113 times only a mini..."
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"God help London School of Economics. This lady doesn't even know basic 'tameez' in public life. But then, looking at the Swamys et al, it's not surprising that most foreign universities do take in dimwits from India & two years later produce such hybrid dimwits every now and then."
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"come on! Seems Haider got a 16.6% ROI on Day One compared to Bang Bang's 15.3% - So even by maths, the smaller budget film did far better at box office."
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