Ron Bhattacharya

Commented 4 years ago
"Why are the media giving so much of airtime to this 15 year old who's nothing exceptional in her views? She comes across as just about any other Modi-admirer. What makes her think she can 'debate' with kanhaiya kumar - does she expect to win it with trolls shouting out or beating the other parties whenever they try to make any logical point in that debate on her behalf? Because I don't see any other way she can possibly win!

Frankly, if this girl stands for a 'debate' with Kanhaiya Kumar, she won't even last 5 minutes! She simply has no idea what she's talking about. All her rhetoric was 'Modi is greatest' but she couldn't even mention one single reason 'why' and even one real achievement of PM Modi, apart from the fact he travels abroad (doesn't she know that all the travelling is with Taxpayers' money)!"

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