K Thomas Bose

Commented 4 years ago
"The entire Gandhi bunch need to stand down, for the good of the OLD congress party.

Both of them are not QUALIFIED!

Nehru never planned or hoped his uneducated daughter will lead the party to such low levels in popularity, except with hangers ons, and the poor hero worshipers.

Rahul ought to get married, and learn politics from the ground up. He will never get used to the old fashioned party politics carried on by the old guard, many of whom had no part in India's great struggle for independence. Many of these old timers have made their children rich, got them admitted to IAS and Medical Colleges and good jobs.

India ought to bring up educated modern social activists, and just not continue to hero worship, this Italian. Mohan Singh can come forward without fear and show his ability.

Each State should select and elect their leaders and MP s and the centrally managed cliques should have no say ."

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