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 3 years ago | Permalink
"Kanhaiya Kumar is now having lunch , kanhaiya kumar is travelling , standing ,sitting etc....is this what NDTV is reduced to now !!"
 4 years ago | Permalink
"I would like to read Ashutosh's blog after this from Supreme court :-) LOL"
 4 years ago | Permalink
"Though I deeply condone the death of innocent civilians , but this is what is deserved by the country that releases Lakhvi , hides Dawood , and hundreds of militants ................ this country will never wake up till last man is wiped out."
 4 years ago | Permalink
"This is usual drama of AAP, everyone in the party does something or the other senseless and then goes on apologising."
 4 years ago | Permalink
"I am very saddened by this incident , all politicians should be ashamed of this and they should hang themselves in shame. Not getting into any politics on this.

My only request is like NDTV , and other media group and NGO's should come forward and let us start helping the poor and hapless farmers. We all ( citizens of India ) I am sure will contribute whole heartedly."
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