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"GOG & Steam are the only online stores that are relevant. Origin & Uplay are pathetic, broken, unnecessary hurdles that no one wants. Microsoft Windows Store is the worst of all. The ever shifting Terms & Conditions are worse than dishonest, the nature of Microsoft is criminal."
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"EA Origin and Ubisoft's Uplay are dead-end platforms. They constantly change their license terms and conditions and if you do not accept the changes you loose access to your online account. If you lose access to your online account you also lose access to all of your game software you paid for! These companies need to be taken to the legal courts and then taken to the cleaners for being so bad for consumers. They give the industry a bad name.

The risks that these companies shut down servers or..."
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"Ummm... I need to level with America here. China is in Asia and the United States is not. America is not in a position to tell China if it is, or is not part of any "Asian Security System".

I strongly suggest that America focuses on its own country, fixes its own appalling two party (same lobby group written policies) brand of 'democracy', tries to reign in its own big brother authoritarian police surveillance state society, repair its own crumbling infrastructure, inefficient..."
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"Russia continues to impress me - they are playing a game against a much larger opponent but they simply out position the USA time and time again. The quality of leadership, strategic thinkers and strength of its nation really stand up under pressure and are simply a class above the rest. Well done! It is also good to see that Russia continues to honor friendship and alliances even in hard times."
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"I seem to be sitting in the same seat as the author... I have some 100's of Steam games that grew after buying a retail boxed copy of HL2. Steam has good points but I'm not sure I have that much faith in them moving forward.

Steam is too busy scooping up billions of coins it collects from its trading marketplace, micro transactions and flash sales. I am very interested in cutting my reliant on Stream and look more towards a partnership with GOG because I like what they do."
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