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 2 years ago | Permalink
"no where does the report say that these 2 pilots are related except just being pilot & co-pilot on one flight"
 4 years ago | Permalink
"there are workers in the ministry with questionable qualifications!"
 4 years ago | Permalink
"best guy to incorporate in team would b Lalit Modi. Seriously.He would have the correct answers."
 5 years ago | Permalink
"The intelligence was informed that there was going to be an illicit transaction in the arabian sea. So before that can take place & cocaine enters India , an airstrike is ordered that that blows the boat to smithereens.

This is a more plausible explanation.

But intelligence wants more mileage from this incident, hence Pak involvement reports??"
 6 years ago | Permalink
"he looked like a fish out of water near the casket At BJP headquarters whilst a group chatted consisting of Modi & others chatted with bereaved family. Looked like a loner that one pitied"
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