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"are these completely beggar , can't even stand a single disaster ad always begs Centre for help ...and for rest of the matter they speaks of federalism. When Centre will help than it has a right to interfere in every single matter"
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"Dear Sir,

I have spent 7 years in Pharmaceuticals sales working for a world renowned Pharma giant . what you had shown today is well known to anybody who is directly or indirectly linked to the Healthcare.
Common practices are:

• Direct cash benefit to Doctors for prescribing a particular brand.
• Benefits in kinds to Doctors
• Mostly the corruption is in prescribing high value drugs like Life saving Anti-biotics, Anti cancer drug..."
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"lawsuit with investigation demanding punishment and compensation against EC is needed here"
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"Brazen and open loot ...poor people dont even get a 10 paise Paracetamol tablet from govt hospital sometimes and these lawmakers are simply misusing power by making law for themselves"
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"Shiela means to say that like she has institutionalized corruption in her 15 year term all the others are corrupts. She is a brand ambassador of corruption ...."
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