Amit Saxena

Commented 5 years ago
"Dear Sir,

I have spent 7 years in Pharmaceuticals sales working for a world renowned Pharma giant . what you had shown today is well known to anybody who is directly or indirectly linked to the Healthcare.

Common practices are:

• Direct cash benefit to Doctors for prescribing a particular brand.

• Benefits in kinds to Doctors

• Mostly the corruption is in prescribing high value drugs like Life saving Anti-biotics, Anti cancer drugs, Anti Diabetic drugs, Vitamins, Cough syrups etc etc

• Foreign trips to Doctors to attend various meets.

• Every meets which takes place in India is sponsored by Pharma industry and every Doctor attending is sponsored by pharma companies.

• High level of corruption in Pathology and Test centres where the commission is as high as 50%.

• Doctors usually prescribe two brands of same class of drugs like two types of anti allergic drugs like anti histamine (eg, cetrizine and levo cetrizine or Allegra )

• Some companies have even distributed high cost undergarments in Medical colleges and even grossaries every month to doctors

Reasons for this corruption are because Govt is not implementing DPC strictly and still many life saving drugs have been left outside the purview of DPC.

Why Pharma companies are allowed to sponsor the various Pharma meets and than the post holder doctors ask the members to return the favor. Another reason is huge margin or difference in the cost of production and selling price. For example a tablet of Cetrizine which is a very common Anti Allergic drug , its cost of production is anything around 5 paise or so but its brand sells at Rs. 3. So you can understand that this huge difference in cost of production and Selling price gives a great leverage to exploit the market and in turn kill the patient.

Most of the doctors who have nursing homes keeps the patient admitted even if it is not required. They over charged in-patient so much that it is beyond imaginable.

Last in the last 10-15 years or so many small scale pharma production units have come up in states like Uttarakhand, Himanchal, gujrat, Maharshtra , Haryana etc . Some of these units do not supply to any big Pharma company but still are doing good. Because in India even I can register my company and register my brand and starts my company without any quality check or so. I will be entirely depend on the quality check of these production unit which is dangerous since we all know what quality these unit maintains. If a renowned Company is taking supply from outside than they have their own quality standard and checks and they have facility to check the quality. Whereas if I start my company naturally I can't have that quality check facility.

MCI is one of the most corrupt body in India. How many doctors it has punished so far? None.

This is just tip of ice berg . Patients are dying every day and I strong feel Healthcare is more corrupt than Police."

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