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"Crime, hostility, injustice , racism all is the package of our proud ancient civilization. Is it new to our society ? even the time of mahabharat witnessed the racism otherwise Aklav would have saved his thumb. Sam Dam Dund Bhed is our mantra so why are we crying? When a class of society claim there superiority over others to the extent that they are created from the head of brahma so definitely he has the control by default over others and someone is shudder because he was not lucky enough. Be..."
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"I guess medical industry has a foul-play in this kind of laws so hospitals can earn huge amount, either there shouldn't be any transplant or there shouldn't be any restriction. Health ministry in India is probably one of the most corrupt segment where they are trading with human life. One can easily see this in the health insurance where they have only inpatient coverage but no coverage for outpatient which is day to day requirement and in some cases they provide a very limited covering on outpa..."
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"One question with health industry as doctor's are saying that one kidney is a standby so it can be donated and therefore people are ready to donate or selling to make money and it has created a black market where rackets are involved so if medically it's acceptable and there is no harm then why not make it legalize so no black market and no rackets."
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"You must know first the history, if Muslims were communal then in 900 years of Islamic rules there must not be any other religion on earth. It's the Muslim who protected all other civilization and for sure when they attacked on other nation it was a estate fight for the power and has nothing to do with religion. Guys be mature and don't look at every Muslim as communal and communist . The black sheep is not only in Muslim community. They are in every community so why after Muslims?"
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"The entire BJP leaders & it's affiliated bodies are working hard to fight the election in the name of Hinduatva and calling themselves secular. Guys change the meaning of secularism. When a Muslim talk about his community and Islam he or she is communal and if BJP & it's associates call for Hundutava it's secular. What a double standard."
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