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"I recollect the nostalgic days when we bought books at the railway stations and your joke books where an unanimous choice btw us. Will miss you & your words. May your soul be in peace."
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"My proud to be a part of this history and generation where owing a M800 was a true aspiration."
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"My salute & thanks to you all for the good deed. Great presence of mind !"
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"I have nostalgic memories of sitting by the beach and watching the flash disappear & appear from the tall light house. Can't wait to climb to the top and see good old Chennai. Chennai Rocks !"
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"Well i feel ashamed to share the same words of condolences and assurance to all the victims who have been stung by rape..shame ! Many forces are fighting on different fronts to deal with it. I hope this innocent girl gets fair justice (though, i'm not sure how any justice can be fair enough)..but what is even more annoying is the state of our police. I simply fail to understand what is the chauvinism that our police is trying to portray? There should be an public trial of the cops who brushed th..."
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