Commented 5 years ago
"At the outset, I'm glad that the government is considering to revise & update the IMV Act. While it's good that they would study the model of 6 countries which probably have similar or different driving habits and conditions as compare to us...but I'm a bit surprised that no such similar activity has ever been done before. 2 problems that concern me...these studies don't become indefinite foreign tours for our officials & secondly the reports if drafted don't become the hunting grounds for dust particles.

But one doesn't need to be a Chankaya to call a spade a spade. We already have basic laws which can be put into STRICT PRACTICE even today..(a) wearing a seat belt requires no mastery, (b) all it involves to stand behind the crossing during a RED signal is appropriate vision, SPEED monitoring requires good CONTROL. I believe while issuing a license these basic parameters are tested (yeah I know ..Tested !)...then why don't we put these measures into practice right away. As a responsible citizen, I believe it's even our own purgative to adopt these practices. Let's do our bit..Happy Riding !"

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