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"In diverse country like ours, every decision is likely to meet opposition - genuine or out of vested interests. This applies more for BJP because of their own conduct in last parliament & also the fear of 'decimation' due to Modi wave felt by the opposition parties - national & regional alike which has seen bonding of sworn enemies like CPM & TMC and also emergence of Janta Parivar.
As a knowledgeable spokesperson of the party Smriti Irani should have known this and could..."
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"Notwithstanding the merits of the points raised in this article, it can be said without doubt that its tone & tenor is in bad taste with the sole intention of heaping as much insult to the PM as possible. Difference of opinion is most welcome but it can be written in a more dignified manner. Apparently, Mani Shankar Iyer seems to have taken up it upon himself to take this 'crusade' against Modi.
It would be interesting to find out which other democratic country allows its citizens to con..."
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"If one looks at it dispassionately, what Shashi Tharoor has written can be considered as 'early warning' which the PM should take note of. Like any global leader, he is surrounded by all kind of people who claim to be his well wishers. this is his real test test to be able to see through all the advice he gets and take a course which best suits his goal of providing good governance. Tharoor also admits that it is too early to judge PM in a short span of 6 months. But the signals available today..."
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"This is very typical of Rahul Gandhi - a reluctant politician. Instead of 'asking' childish questions like where funds would come from & then going on his off repeated references to RTI, Food security. MGNREGA etc which was rather irrelevant on this occasion only reinforces general perception of his immaturity.

He is under no compulsion to adopt a village if he does not want. Perhaps it would have been a better option if he had refrained from participating in this exercise."
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"Mani Shankar Aiyar is a die hard believer of "uninterrupted & uninterrupible" dialogue with Pakistan and hence he puts his views so passionately in support of his ideas. But all what is written is not new at all because at the end of the day, the million dollar question remains unanswered i.e. Who do we talk to in Pakistan?
His asks if we would permit Pakistan to discuss any issue directly with our Army! This is rather strange, to put it mildly, because in India - unli..."
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