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"I am just waiting for the time when politics further degenerates and MPs start shouting pro-terrorist slogans in parliament."
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"Ram Ram Sitaram Yeturyji !!! You have identified innocent students so quickly. That means you know who the culprits are ? please help booking them."
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"Loopholes in boundary wall can not be blamed.We will have to leave "chalta hai" culture."
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"Talk with Pak or not but we have to upgrade our readiness for such eventuality. Loopholes in boundary wall can not be blamed. We will have to do away with "chalta hai" culture."
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"Mr Owaisi, to unseat present PM you will have to now wait for complete 5 years. He has been selected by majority. And to respect majority is the real democracy even if it causes concerns to some sections of society.

You put-forth your point of view but do not try to raise the heat unnecessarily ."
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