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"AT last a great relief for James , his wife & his family. Here in India, the Govt. let off those Italian marine staff-who has shot 2 fishermen dead - go scotfree....and we have cases of many innocent Indians languishing in jails abroad for no crime at all: Like James's case -where in fact he was not involved in the crime at all....Anyway, thanx to the efforts --though belated-of MEA & the PMO & the PM himself, that none other than the TOGO Prez ordered release of two Ind..."
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"You see in the snap which I have just sent that a girl child is taking care of a mini-shop and also parallely engrossed in her study. May be her family background has forced her to work by selling the wares displayed and earn a few rupees for the family. And it is for sure that she is going to a school...but since doesn't find time ...she studies at her "Work place" -may be she has an exam the next day ! I have a few points: That girl children like the one we see here....must..."
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"It's a brutal shame that none other than a well known (now notorious?), editor of TEHELKA had indulged in the molestation of a young journalist. As pert the reports, he had molested her just not once, but at least 3-4 times , in the Think Fest program in Goa.

Stepping aside from the editorship for 6 months is not enough. He should be tried under the IPC & put behind bars for 10 years ! How can the media allow him to go scot free--especially when TEHELKA had been exposing so many sc..."
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