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"Maverick....का कतई मतलब नहीं है &l..."
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"It is Utterly Shameful...didn't follow the due process of law...who will decide what is wrong or what is right>?It is Judiciary who decides..Although,we accept the Judicial delay in Cases,Pending Decisions...so we should demand Judicial Reforms...Police reforms..rather making mockery of Judiciary and System."
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"Dubious Foreign Policy..Swearing in Ceremony Diplomacy Led to recent attacks where we lost Colonel..and several Soldiers...Now Cricket Diplomacy....What Next?"
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"Kejriwal ...Reduced Personality!"
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"It Might be True,but Govt should not leak all these things through unofficial sources.It is now a days fashion for BJP govt.If they think this was serious issue then must release the official statement.If Not,then refrain themselves from making some mediacentric Comments!"
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