Pramod Agnihotri

Commented 5 years ago
"#Modi snatched Gandhi from you; he snatched Patel from you and then he snatched people from your jaws and on account of that he broke into your security vaults to take away your concepts of Minoritism, secularism etc. to leave you guys unarmed and politically bankrupt, and now he is taking you on by pulling out your schemes and plans, one by one, and proving to not only you, but to people of India as well - that those schemes which were designed just to appease public can actually be put into action in order to try to get the country out of this swamp that your government was growing and maintaining. He is picking out every item that your party had been using for your own gains and utilizing them for country's gain. Today, you guys are nothing but spectators with feeble voices, merely waiting to watch #Modi kicking self goals. Many of you, just like the rest of the country, are in a state of awe to see him utilizing what you were using for elections only; including that clown party AAP's broom. Awesome."

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