Pramod Agnihotri

Commented 4 years ago
"India is and has always been a land of discrimination. Everyone is intolerant of everyone. The differentiation based on Cast, Religion, State, and Language etc. has been the system of nomenclature used within the Indian society. Previously, the discrimination used to be systemic. Now it turned into Noisy and Loud. From what is always beating on the TV news channels of India, one can easily conclude that the most in-tolerated person in the country today is #NarendraModi and the noisiest and the jumpiest one is #Kejriwal. #AamirKhan may just have thrown his hat in the ring to be in the limelight, with this episode of "Mithyamev-Jayate", leading up to his new film release. True that India is not the safest place, but who these privileged ones are complaining about and to whom? Every single person in India has experienced intolerance one way or the other. People! Don't lose your sleep over statements made by these folks, who are invited by the national TVs to give their commentaries on subjects with pre-determined screenplays, - including the carefully planted goof-ups and calculated slips."

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