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"RSS/BJP Chaddis abusing Mayawati here should first look at Feku Modi who has taken 10,000s crores from his corporate masters Adani, Ambani & Co .No media house reports on this because Modi's corporate masters also own most of the media houses."
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"When the media criticized Dr.Manmohan Singh, then you RSS/BJP Chaddis had no problems.Now your lord and master Feku Modi is the PM so nobody should criticise him."
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"RSS/BJP Chaddis are trying to pretend that the HC comments were against the President, whereas everyone knows that the statement was against the Centre ie. Feku Modi."
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"RSS/BJP Chaddis are really ignorant and don't even know that it was the SC in the early 90s which laid down guidelines so that President's rule is not misused."
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"At least in TN the State Government's money is going to the poor people. The debt of Gujarat nearly tripled under Modi and most of that money went to the corporate fat cats like Adani."
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