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"The tattoo artist should have denied to make such an art on the leg instead of doing it for money. May be the crowd and the police would have let them go if they had some money left after getting the tattoo.."
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"but I think it should have been the responsibility of the tattoo artist to deny making such sensitive art on someone's leg. He shouldn't have done it for money."
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"@Indian: well said.. before any scheme introduce people try to find out loop holes to find a way to bypass it. Such are the people like @arun. Bloody criticizers.."
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"He cant just take this decision. The children have all the right to live and if the parents don't give them a fighting chance for survival who shall. Even the slightest tought of euthanasia shouldn't have come. Given the fact that they cannot take care of the children which is fair, but taking lives just because you couldn't care for them is not justifiable. As parents they should lead the group to give their children a fighting chance at life. There are various govt led and Non govt led organiz..."
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