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"In India anyone can get a driving license without knowing traffic rules. Total indian government system is in chaos and do not work for the interest of people safety. No procedure followed when issuing driving license. No speed cameras on Indian Roads. No traffic signals installed of 98% of indian roads, No LANE rules imposed, No system in place to check only licensed people driving the vehicle. No system to check annually whether the vehicle is road worthy. No system to check whether the car ow..."
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"what a country we live in. Incredible India."
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"Get lost all these corrupt diseased officers because of them the country in this state of catastrophe. Recruit new IIT or IIM qualified professionals for bureaucrat positions. India will soon become super power. AK can do this and all good CM to follow."
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"Yes Govt Officials are holy cow. They must go on strike if someone stops them doing what they have been doing since inception of independence india. The whole india know what is the status of current India. No CM has ever done such a brave suspension like AK. Public support keep growing for AK."
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"BJP Dictionary : Doing corruption is Constitutional. Alleging and probing corruption is unconstitutional."
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