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"now everyone is a doctor. It hink we should stop Meidcal Colleges and dont rely on Doctors We can be over own doctors. Why waste money

If you cant understand I am telling this ina SARCASTIC Manner"
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"Even France is not spared Rise of QAZI Democracy or the DEMOCRACY of the RICH

Wake up people before u r beggers."
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"I cna understand there are lot of people without job and if you pay htem for thoeir food and some money they can sitin for long time. A good Conspiracy by the so called nazi liberals to destroy INDIA. Createan organised Anarchy and destroy the world
This is what so called philanthropists are doing with blood money fedd the leeches and anarchists because if there is no law and order they cna influence the decisions and how a country runs EG: South American Countries , America , Eurpean Countire..."
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"she may have been shocked by the the behaviour of the driver from a developed conutry liberal and what else. there because she thought India was the worst even though she wouldnt have travelled ina cab here."
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"acha script hain continue karo"
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