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"when he speaks he makes us feel proud to be indian. he understands our country's potential and our position in world affairs which unfortunately our last government was unable to understand. we are one of the largest markets in the world, more than we need world, world needs us and that is our strength, hope he stays for atleast 10 years as our PM for atleast our coming generation sees clean, military and economically powerful india"
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"this has become a trend of sort if AAP member accuses some one without proof still they are true and if other parties accuse of same sort of type with proof also they are lieing. we should understand onething there are all sort of people in all sort of parties, so we cannot give clean chit to a single party on corruption basis because they are loud and clear at their speach. preaching sounds good to our ears but praticing it realy makes difficult"
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"mr kejrival party is like a ravana who has ten heads each head speaks a different tune in the morning and central head trying to justify in the different tune in the evening"
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"mr kejrival u r not different from others, majority of us gets tempeted and there is nothing wrong, every one wants to live a good life u have opted not to move to twim bumglow not by ur choice but by the peoples anger,u know there are lok sabha elections in 4 months, now ur all ministers are using luxry cars, as u say u all want to function like a aam aadmi & as u say this i not ur government it is peoples government i would be happy if u provide every delhities with a flat and a inova..."
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"nice poltics mr arvind capture anna hazares campaign go for elections abussing bjp&congress, dont loose the opportunity to form the government with the same congress, wear the AAP cap travel in metro& rikshaw promise the people about your staying in flat & asking for no security wait to prove majority in assembly get secured and show the true colors, aam aadmi ko achi topi penhayi u r a true poltician"
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