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"More than common mass,they are politicians, who are at pain."
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"Why did previous govt. congress failed to deport Anup Chetia to india from bangladesh."
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"@jantar:yeah it is good move, nepal has rightly struck the deal with china and ending its dependence on india. Hope china never does what india has done ,certainly there is strained relationships between the govts. but not between the people as of now.May be i am pessimistic,over the times ,i am afraid there will be strained relationship among the people of both the countries.

I am sure nepal and the people,will be lot more warmer to china than india,it should be."
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"Those people killed the children are worst then a RAVANA, Atrocities are taking place on dalit for long time,people do not respect the lives.Best would be for dalits to hide identity such as title...............few days back ,one dalit family has to do naked protest. Shame on india."
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